Curt's Ad Hoc.

The philosophy of a DIY'er is that anyone can accomplish a task with a bit of effort, a bit of knowledge and the desire to create something on their own (by need or want).

I was raised as a DIY'er since I was a child, our home was a continuous project. From painting and wallpapering to removing a wall and adding a room.

When I was older, I chose to go high tech and worked as a computer programmer/analyst for a new form of creating. After 30 years in computers, I've returned to the woodworking and physical projects versus digital, although I still keep my fingers in the digital world (e.g. this web site).

I have not been professionally trained in woodworking but have applied my knowledge of tools, ideas and out of the box thinking to create my projects. I have adapted other woodworkers tips and ideas to my projects (see bench leg lifts). When a project needs a new technique, I start with the conventional and if that doesn't meet my needs, I try to create my own.

I hope you enjoy my projects and that it inspires you to grab your tools and build something too.